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Boilers on a bike is a small, family heating business. We are locally based in Balham and Streatham and are committed to keeping your house warm and cosy in the cheapest, most energy efficient way.

To reduce the company’s impact on the environment, we try to do our servicing and repair using a bicycle. The majority of our work is in maintaining and installing boilers abd radiators but we can also provide advice on energy efficiency and all other areas of household heating and water.

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Gas Boiler & Central Heating services

We provide the following domestic gas services in the South London areas of Balham, Streatham, Tooting & Clapham areas, covering postcode areas: SW12, SW2, SW16, SW17, SW4, SW18, SW11.

  • ✓ Boiler servicing
  • ✓ Boiler repair
  • ✓ Boiler installation
  • ✓ Gas safety inspection
  • ✓ Radiator repair and installation
  • ✓ Gas cooker/hob installation
  • ✓ Underfloor heating service
  • ✓ Heating control repair and installation
  • ✓ Central heating advice

Energy Saving Tips

Here are 10 ways that you can reduce the environmental impact of your house (they will also save you money!)

  1. Turn your main thermostat down a degree.
  2. Fit thermostatic radiator valves to your radiators and turn them down in little used rooms.
  3. Upgrade to a condensing boiler.
  4. Take quality advice on the correct size and type of boiler. A smaller boiler with good modulation is often all you need unless you have a very large house.
  5. Insulate your house. Double glazing, loft insulation and underfloor insulation on the ground floor. Insulate behind a radiator if it is on an outside wall.
  6. Modernise your radiators if they do not have fins fitted.
  7. Install weather compensation if you have a newer boiler. This will make the boiler work harder if it is colder outside and less hard if it is warm.
  8. Insulate your hot water pipework, particularly around a water cylinder or if pipes run externally.
  9. Fit a filter or chemical inhibitor to keep your heating system free of dirt and scale.
  10. Unblock areas around your radiators so the heat can circulate in a room.

Further reading and useful energy saving tips can be found at:


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